How to use OOReader

OOReader does not explore the files on your device, it is happily impossible for security reasons. You must use an application, compatible with the “Document Interaction”, that will launch OOReader to view the file you want to.

How OOReader works

OOReader uses internet resources to convert ODF files in viewable format. The uploaded files are removed from your servers just after their conversion.
The online conversion offers a perfect representation of document but requires an internet connection.


  • Number of pages per document limited to 100.
  • A network connection is required, if you use your carrier, some fees may apply.
  • The document must not be saved with password (excepted Pro version).
  • The document size must not exceed 20 Mb (100 Mb Pro version).

The Pro version

You can purchase the Pro version of OOReader, which provides:
  • Free advertising display.
  • Document size up to 100 Mb.
  • View protected documents (password required).